Introducing the Sweet Team at Sugar Cubed

Sugar Cubed opened its trendy doors last week, and wow we have had such a good response so far. So many people have been delighted with the standard of service they have received, the sweet cuts and colours they’ve left with and not to mention the great atmosphere and amazing attention to detail from the staff in our slick and urban new premises.

Clarendon Street has been a wash with confident struts, hair flicks, and selfies.

Sugar Cubed is nothing without it’s amazing staff so we decided to profile the stylish bunch, so you can get to know the team better.

2013-07-24 11.49.46

Mark – Introducing the Manager of Sugar Cubed, Mark Byrne, the salon owner, Mark O’Keeffe, has watched him grow and develop into an inspiring and highly motivated leader. The prefect fit for Sugar Cubed. Mark says, “I absolutely love it, I especially love the colour hub, everything is so visual there”.

Mark’s favourite hair trend this season is the evolution of balayage. “It’s so different from where it was and where it is going. It’s evolving each season. It’s really softening, I love the more natural looking blend where the colour might only be two levels lighter on the ends.”

2013-07-24 11.34.18

Kate – Is our Top Stylist, she had been working in Brown Sugar but loves the move to Sugar Cubed. “It’s totally up my street, the individuality and edginess of it is great. I can do more of my own hairdressing, because the clientele are more open to suggestion so you can work a little differently”.

Her favourite hair trend this season is the natural look like Alexa Chung. “The natural beachy look, I do a lot of that, but I also love box bobs, like Dawn O’Porter”.

2013-07-23 10.31.35

Noel – Noel is Style Director at the salon. He’s the funny man around the salon, having once supported PJ Gallagher with his stand up, he’s definitely up for the craic. Noel says, “I know that coming into a salon can be intimidating so I like to have a bit of fun with clients, make them feel at home, always maintaining professionalism of coarse.” Noel loves the salon vibe, he had spoken with Mark O’ Keeffe about the salon months ago, and knew it was for him. “It’s absolutely amazing, and it’s not even fully open yet. There is already a buzz on the streets about it. I’ve had people coming up to me asking me about Sugar Cubed. It’s going brilliantly, swimmingly in fact.” When asked if there has been a good mix of men and women into salon so far, Noel says, “there has been and will be a good mix, it’s usually 70/30%”.

Noel’s favourite styles this season is longer, beachy hair, and his favourite part of the new salon are the basins. “It’s a touch of Star Trek, Star Wars, and getting your hair washed”.

2013-07-24 11.49.22

Amanda – Say hello to Sugar Cubed’s Stylist and Colour Technician. She loves everything about the salon, especially the colour hub. “I was working in Brown Sugar on South William, then I was offered this and was delighted to take it, it’s definitely a younger, on trend style, so you can play with styles and colours”.

Amanda’s favourite hair trend this year is the more natural look, “I like people’s colour to look super natural, with soft colours. I like the sleek look too, that’s all over the cat walks”.

2013-07-23 10.17.39

Nikki – Is our multi talented Stylist. She  is just recently qualified, and loves that fact that the new salon is “younger and more urban, so far clients have been really great, so we’re able to do more on trend stuff. I love anything edgy like undercuts, bold cuts and grunge”. Nikki also plays in a band Tiny Vinyls, so when she’s not styling she is playing guitar and singing.

Nikki’s favourite style trend this season is heavily influenced by Alice Dellal, the Brazilian model who rocks these more edgier styles.

Her favourite thing about the salon is the openness, “it’s a great buzz in salon, because of the open layout you can see what everyone is up to so it creates a really great atmosphere”.

2013-07-24 11.42.10

Jay – The Salon Coordinator is delighted with how the launch has gone so far, “the salon looks great, it stands out because it’s so different. It has really come together”.

Jay’s favourite thing about the salon is the therapy room, “with the new basins, their music and neon lights, they’re kind of out of this world”.

His favourite hair trend this year is women’s colour. “From dip dyes to balayage there can be so many variations to suit every head out there, so that’s cool.”

2013-07-23 10.35.44

Tara – One of our amazingly sweet Trainees. She has done part of her training in Brown Sugar, but felt Sugar Cubed was a better fit for her. “I’m from Killebegs in Donegal, but I just loved being in Dublin, and I knew hair dressing was what I wanted to do.”

Tara’s favourite style this season is the pixie cut, in fact she loves it so much she’s ditching the long hair and extensions to get the chop. “I’m getting a pixie cut, it’s such a big change I’m terrified. I’m basing my cut on Pixie Geldof, but keeping my own colour.”

Her favourite thing about Sugar Cubed is the atmosphere, “I love the salon theme, the fact that it’s urban, it attracts young people and there is nothing else like it around”.

2013-07-23 10.40.14

Shauna – Our popcorn loving Trainee and is another amazing asset to the salon. She’d started her training in Brown Sugar, and moved to Sugar Cubed now that it’s open, saying “I love the music and the vibe in here, I love the style”. She likes the great mix of clientele compared with Brown Sugar.

Shauna’s favourite style trend this season is chalks, “a lot of people coming in are asking where to get them and about applications, Nicole Richie wore the look to one of the awards show lately”.

Her favourite thing about the salon is the vibe, “it’s so chilled”.

2013-07-24 11.39.59

Naoise – Another one of our Trainees is Naoise, she loves Sugar Cubed and thinks it really encompasses her style. Her favourite thing about the new salon is the colour hub, “it’s just really unusual, so it adds to the salon”.

Naoise’s favourite hair trend this season is balayage. “I just love the look, I love Rachel Bilson’s hair, and Miley Cyrus before she cut it”.

So that’s it, the lovely Sugar Cubed Team. Come in and meet the sweet team for yourself!


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